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Healthway Corporate Clinic Services (CCS) offer a total solution to organizations’ need for worksite healthcare administration services with:

Our services include:

Staffing or Deployment of a Healthcare Team

Existing pool of reliable and duly licensed medical personnel are made available for deployment anytime a need arises. Clients enjoy continuous healthcare services as part of Healthway’s commitment.

Comprehensive Clinic Management

Healthway performs day-to-day corporate clinic operations and other services that include:

  1. Development of clinic set-up
  2. Clinic policy enhancement and implementation
  3. Clinic supplies monitoring

Likewise, Healthway undertakes daily outpatient clinic services and appropriate management of any worksite emergency cases. Coordination with tertiary medical facilities for referral is also arranged.

Clinic Supplies/Medicines/Equipment Provisioning

Assessment of corporate clinic physical set-up, required supplies, equipment and medicines is done in accordance with Rule 1960 of Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC). Procurement of clinic medicines, supplies and equipment per management’s directive is also handled.

Health Program Implementation

DOH coordinated health information campaigns are carried out for better understanding of common and preventable medical illnesses, as well as maintenance of personal health and physical fitness. Company health status monitoring and reporting are performed, along with submission of corresponding recommendations and program implementation assistance.

Home Visit Programs

Healthcare assistance is rendered in the home of any company employee who fails to report for work due to medical illness.


Bone and joint conditions are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disablity worked wide affecting hundreds of million of people.

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Healthway Medical, the country’s most trusted and preferred network of mall-based clinics, recently engaged a partnership with UnionBank to offer a pocket-friendly and exciting deal to its clients.

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The Premium extensive executive check-up that combines medical procedures with active and relaxing activities from our partner hotels, spa, resorts, gym and yoga center

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Mon-Sun 7am – 8pm

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executive checkup designed to evaluate health and wellness status in your prime years.

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