Corporate Clinic Services (CCS)

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As organizations gravitate towards employee centric measures to improve productivity, the need to focus on employee health and wellness became a top priority. To answer this call, Healthway Medical established Corporate Clinic Services (CCS), which caters to Occupational Health and Corporate Wellness. CCS offers dedicated and reliable health professionals on-site that assure uninterrupted corporate clinic management, in compliance with Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the general Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSH) in the workplace.


A team of dedicated, trained and duly licensed medical personnel are deployed to your sites and are ready to attend to your immediate healthcare needs to ensure continuity of care.


CCS gives easy access to Healthway Medical doctors to immediately address health care needs. To resolve existing health conditions or prevent further prognosis, wellness programs are recommended and implemented after deeper analysis of the health profile of the employees.


Healthway Medical takes pride in its web-based integrated system that captures daily transactions of the clinic, summary of medical records, and reports on illnesses, medications and clinic visits. To assist the medical team administratively, a paperless way of keeping medical records leading to a cost-effective and convenient clinic management is established with the help of Healthmaster.


Healthway Medical, with its set of competent doctors, skilled nurses and medical technicians offers a wide range of healthcare services extended in the comforts of every employee’s home. Home visits are conducted to validate the reason for sick leaves, paving a way to a more thorough assessment of employees’ health conditions and immediate medical intervention.